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Welcome to the website of scientist , instructor, and author Pat Fitzpatrick. Dr. Fitz is an assistant professional professor at Texas A&M University Corpus Christi, consultant, consultant ,weather forecaster, legal expert witness, online instructor at weatherclasses.com, and author of the reference book Hurricanes. His consultant work includes interactions with companies such as WorldWinds, Baron, Taylor Engineering, Woods Hole Group, and GulfStream. Dr. Fitz also volunteers on several boards and committees. 

Dr. Fitz received his degrees from the atmospheric science programs at Texas A&M University and Colorado State University, working as a research/teaching assistant and at a computer help desk. He obtained his Ph.D. under Dr. Bill Gray, and began his career as an assistant professor at Jackson State University's meteorology program. Feel free to browse this website to learn more about his research activities and publications.

The book may be previewed through Google books at this site .The book is available for purchase from ABC-CLIO here . The 3rd edition will be published in 2020.

Very highly recommended. [read review here]
-Diane Donovan| California Bookwatch

I liked this book...there is information for everyone. [read review here]
-Jerry Jarrell, past director of National Hurricane CenterĀ | Bulletin of the American Meteorological Society

Provides a very useful compilation of a wide range of topics on Atlantic hurricanes. Of particular interest is the chronology of advances in the science and forecasting of hurricanes along with biographical sketches of researchers and forecasters prominent in the field.
Dr. Chris Landsea | National Hurricane Center and website author of Frequently Asked Questions about Hurricanes

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