Dr. Pat Fitzpatrick

New research activities, press releases, and interviews

We honored my mentor, Dr. Bill Gray, at the recent 33rd Conference on Hurricanes and Tropical Meteorology with two special sessions. Look for the talks in the "Thursday, April 19" section at this link. You will learn a lot about hurricane science history, as well as his vision for the future on renewable energy in Greg Tripoli's excellent talk here.

Dr. Fitz is a co-PI in the CONsortium for oil spill exposure pathways in COastal River Dominated Environments (CONCORDE). This consortium is sponsored by BP's Gulf of Mexico Research Initiative (GOMRI). GOMRI recently published a summary here. Blogs on the field programs are here.

Dr. Fitz participated in a Gulf of Mexico field program involving unmanned surface vehicles known as Wave Gliders®. Details of the program are documented in this presentation, and recently published in the Marine Technology Society Journal here. We were recently interviewed about Wave Gliders in CNET Magazine.

Dr. Fitz was awarded the University Centers and Institutes Faculty of the Year award April 30, 2015. More information is here.

Recent interviews and press releases

  • Reinsurance bank interview on the recovery from Hurricane Katrina.Read here.
  • Interview by Tom Nugent for the Colorado State University quarterly Alumni Magazine, focusing on the Deepwater Horizon oil spill and the oil intrusion near Dr. Fitz's house. The possibility of hurricane influences was discussed. Read here.
  • WLOX and GCOOS interviewed MSU and Liquid Robotics on the Wave Glider Field program. Read here and here.
  • NPR also conducted an interview on the Wave Glider field program. Read here.
  • Prophetic interviews of several storm surge scientists including Dr. Fitz before Hurricane Sandy'a landfall by the New York Times. Read here.
  • Press release on our research group's operational surge forecast of Read here and here.
  • Articles regarding drought mitigation by hurricanes. Read here and here.
  • Press release on our Deepwater Horizon oil spill simulation and the impact of cyclones on it's trajectory into Mississippi Sound and Lake Pontchartrain. Read here.
  • Article by The Lens regarding the rapid wetland erosion near Delacroix from storm surge and the possible impact of the nearby freshwater diversion. Read here.
  • GOMRI released a press release on Dr. Fitz's oil spill modeling and the influence of weather systems on the Deepwater Horizon oil spill. Read here.
  • Dr. Fitz was interviewed about Unmanned Surface Vehicles in hurricanes by CNET magazine
  • Dr Fitz was interviewed by the South Carolina newspaper The Island Packet regarding Hurricane Florence. Read here.
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